Home Staging FAQs

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale by highlighting its best features and creating an environment that speaks to a buyer’s psychology. Think of it like packaging a product. To stand out in a competitive market, it has to be as appealing as possible and stand out from the crowd. Home staging focuses on what the buyer will need to see and feel when they walk through a home to inspire them to make an offer right away.

Home staging is about making a home appealing to the widest range of buyers possible while decorating focuses on one person’s personal taste. In home staging, everything is kept neutral so that buyers can imagine their own décor in its place rather than getting distracted by someone else’s style. While the homeowner may love their décor, some buyers may have a hard time picturing their own décor in its place and become turned off from the home entirely.

Several studies show that home staging helps homes sell faster and for more money than non-staged homes. In the competitive housing market of today, home staging is one of the best marketing strategies at your disposal.

Every home can benefit from home staging to increase its appeal to buyers. Even the most beautifully decorated and organized homes can benefit from it because what makes a home appealing while it’s on the market is different from what makes it appealing while someone is living in it. Empty homes benefit from it, too, because staging helps buyers visualize how to set up their furniture in it and understand the size of each room better.

While decluttering is an important part of home staging, it is only one step in the process. There are a lot of other components that make home staging truly effective as a marketing tool, such as repairs, color, décor, and small details that create a sense of home and capture a buyer’s imagination.

Home staging can be a completely do-it-yourself process with the help of home staging guides. However, professional home stagers often see things that others don’t and can give you a personalized evaluation of your home to give it the best chance at standing out from the competition. Some home stagers, like Del Grande Homes Staging, have warehouses full of décor, artwork, and furniture to use in homes while they’re on the market to increase its appeal to buyers.

A staged home has a higher perceived value. A non-staged home will look like it needs more work, which often leads to deductions for repairs and the like so buyers have room to make improvements.

As home staging has proven its value in recent years, more and more home stagers are popping up in the industry. To make sure you hire a professional home stager that will deliver an effective, personalized service, do your research ahead of time. Look at reviews and testimonials, view their portfolio, and interview them before making a final decision.

Del Grande Homes Landscaping starts the staging process with an in-person consultation that provides an objective look at your home or investment property. We tour the property to get an idea of which characteristics should be emphasised and which flaws should be minimised, with our property stylists taking notes, photos or a video to guide them in choosing appropriately scaled pieces from our furniture warehouse. Our stylists can also make suggestions on what changes or repairs would further improve the sale price of the property. Our team will discuss timeline, budget, and priorities with you. Once a strategy is agreed upon, a detailed quote will be sent to the customer within 24 hours.

We have found that to keep your home looking its best and to ensure that the furniture and home wares are kept in the best condition, it is best to not live in your home for the duration of Furniture hire. However we can style occupied homes case by case.

The artwork and soft furnishings you see on our website, and social media are owned by us. We do source some furniture from suppliers and ensure quality control. All of our styled property looks are curated by our stylists and designed with your home in mind. We make sure that our furniture is on trend, in pristine condition and cleaned between each hire period.

Our property installation takes between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the size of the property and ease of access.

Using some of your own furniture is what is known as Partial Property Styling. For vendors that can’t move out, our Partial Property Styling Package utilises some (or all) of your furniture along with our artwork and accessories to create a home that will appeal to buyers. While our Full-Service package requires your property to be empty, our partial styling package is perfect for owners who need to stay in their homes during the sale period.

Our stylists can assess your furniture during your in person consultation and give you advice on partial styling.

We understand that when you have a full schedule, the whole process of selling can seem overwhelming. It is our mission to make the styling process as seamless as possible for our customers. We take care of it so that you don’t have to!

Our average styling campaign period is x. This means you have extra time for real estate photography and advertising. Need more time? Just let us know and we may be able to accommodate.

We will do a walk through of your property (this will take approx. 30 minutes). Once we get back to the studio we will review the video footage taken and will put together a concept for your home.

Once confirmed, we make our final selections and then start packing. Everything we choose is with your potential buyers in mind.

Unfortunately no, we do not hire individual pieces of furniture to staging customers. We do have partial styling available but have a required minimum spend.

The more notice you give us, the better!! 2 weeks is fantastic and 3 weeks is even better! But in saying that, we are pretty great on our feet and can deliver a fully staged property in a matter of days if we have availability. (We book out very fast!)

We service the Greater Toronto Area, Durham and York Regions.

Yes. The terms property styling and property staging are interchangeable. Other names used for this service include real estate styling, real estate staging, home styling, home staging and staging to sell.

We work with so many agents but definitely have our favourites. Just ask us for a recommendation.

Every single type. From mansions to granny flats.. we do it all!

We live and breath your property. Because we own all our own art & decor and work with furniture wholesalers and suppliers that small stylists don’t have access to, we aren’t limited in our choices. We style based on what your property needs keeping todays trends top of mind.

Our team aims to send all styling quotations within 24 hours.. In our busy periods we guarantee a response 2-3 days.

Very carefully and by professionals. We employ an amazing team to move our furniture and we are onsite during the process to ensure there are no hiccups.

Make a booking for an onsite consultation using this form or speak directly to our Property Stylists at 1 866 633 4466