Home Landscaping FAQs

Here you’ll find several questions as you begin to think about the landscape design and build process and how Del Grande Homes Landscaping can help!

Del Grande Homes Landscaping is a turnkey company that provides design and construction for softscape and hardscape elements including:

Lawn maintenance: sod installation, greenspace design, retaining walls, decks, pools, patios, interlocking, firepits, outdoor kitchens, nightscape lighting etc…

We help you design your outdoor plan and get approvals and quality reviews done by an Architect. We will discuss your needs and wants, make aesthetic suggestions and provide resources for the selection of finishes.

We will provide you with a consolidated quote for the construction of the entire project as per the quality standards and material specifications provided by the design team.

Other Del Grande Homes divisions include real estate, construction, renovation, design, staging and property styling.

Landscaping takes part in cycles throughout the year.

Generally, Spring is the best time for preparing and planting flower beds, and beginning hardscaping projects. The Summer construction season is when the majority of large landscaping and hardscaping projects are done. Fall is then a great time for planting trees and installing sod since temperatures are lower. Hardscaping also continues through the Fall until the ground freezes or it begins to snow.

Modern landscaping refers to the designing, planning, and construction of gardens and other features that both create usable space for outdoor activities and enhance the appearance around a home.

Landscaping includes hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscaping would be the aspect that includes non-organic materials such as stone and woodwork, retaining walls, decks, pergolas, firepits, pools, outdoor kitchens and more. Softscaping would then refer to planting designs, creating berms and grading, and mulching. Del Grande Homes Landscaping offers both softscape and hardscape design.

We service the GTA, Durham and York Regions in Ontario.

Our goal is to be on-site for a consultation within 48 hours pending geographic location. Written estimates are provided for all work.

One of our qualified project managers or the owner.

Generally, we hold prices for 30 days. When the markets are volatile, sometimes we can only hold prices for a week.

We require a $2,000 non refundable retainer to proceed to planning stages and architect introduction.

15% deposit is required upon acceptance of the project, 30% due on job start date, the balance payment terms will be outlined on the contract.

We will issue invoices at various stages of the project, and accept payment via cheque, credit card or e-transfer.

With any remodeling project, you can’t see everything until exposed. We over-communicate every exception we see and involve you in the process and solution. Any changes are discussed and agreed upon prior to taking any action.

We aim to leave the job site cleaner than when we arrived. We tarp our work area when applicable and clean up the work area daily. We also provide portable toilets where applicable.

Sometimes we do but almost all of our subcontractors have been part of our company for many years.

Yes, you can view our photo and video galleries by selecting the tab at the top of this page, or visit our social pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Aeration should take place during high growth periods. This is typically during the cooler times of the year when there’s plenty of rain, mainly the spring and fall. At Del Grande Landscaping, we recommend Fall aeration with overseeding to loosen the soil and develop new growth at the same time. Aeration is great for any lawn, but especially if it gets a lot of foot traffic, is part of new construction with compact soil, or is part of thatch management/prevention program.

Annuals grow for one season, and then die when the weather gets cold. Perennials grow for multiple seasons, and regrow every Spring after being dormant during the winter.

The basics of watering are simple. Water immediately after planting, let the water soak into the soil, and then water again. During the first week, it’s best to continue frequent watering - either daily or every other day. Following the first week, you’ll only need to water two to three times per week depending on the weather conditions in your area.

Del Grande Homes Landscaping’s professional maintenance team pays meticulous attention to your lawn that will provide a multitude of benefits. It’ll give you a great space for your family to enjoy, increase the value of your home, provide oxygen to the environment, and cool down the area around your home, making your air conditioner’s job easier.

It depends on your situation. Drip irrigation is great for watering small areas, or individual plants alongside your home at a slower pace, but a sprinkler system can cover more ground, quickly, making it ideal for watering entire lawns. It can also be programmed to water during specific time periods, so you can set it and forget it. More advantages of drip irrigation include less water lost due to evaporation or runoff, and that it won’t wash away mulch as a heavier watering can. We can help you determine which type of watering you’d be using it for, and weigh the pros and cons.

A hardscape is any non-living element of your yard. Many people design their yards with visions of lush greens, vibrant flowers, and beautifully-manicured grass. But you may feel like something is missing without concrete or stone features to accent your living plants. Hardscape examples include, firepits, patios, pavers, walkways, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls etc…

Every hardscaping project is different, so it is impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all estimate for how much yours should cost. But the team at Del Grande Homes Landscaping will discuss your budget during a free consultation so that we can propose solutions and ideas that you can afford without sacrificing beauty and utility.

Pavers are hardscaping features that serve as flooring for patios, walkways, driveways, and more. We offer pavers in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes and can customize them to fit your aesthetic.

Among the many benefits of pavers is their durability. We use high-quality materials and proven installation techniques to provide long-lasting results. Regardless of how frequently you gather on your pavers, you can expect them to last for 50+ years.

Retaining walls are critical structural supports for any yard that features a hillside or slope. They prevent erosions while also providing a proper outlet for water runoff. But aside from their practical purposes, they can also beautify your yard. We often use them to create terraces of usable land for flowers and shrubs. Our team can customize your retaining wall using concrete blocks, stone, or pavers.

We are always available through our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

In addition, our services associates would handle your calls from 9:30 AM- 6:30 PM, Monday-Saturday.

You can also drop us a note at our sales email address hello@delgrandehomes.com or our direct contact number 647 703 977 or 1 866 633 4466 ext 3.