Staging Costs and its Myths

“Staging Costs Too Much!” And Other Myths

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Staging is a crucial marketing tool that not many new real estate agents or home sellers use to their advantage. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding staging, and what it is, and how it helps. We are here to help you understand what a stager can do for you and tackle some of these staging myths.

Myth: Staging Costs too much

Truth: Staging is a marketing cost that, when used, has a return of up to 315% on the investment. 45% of buyers agree that a staged home will get a higher offer of 1- 6% over asking. By making your home more appealing, and hiring a professional stager, not only will your house sell faster, which saves you carrying costs from month to month, but also gives you a possible higher offer from the buyers.

High Staging Costs - Myth

Myth: I’m good at decorating, I can stage myself

Truth: Professional stagers are specially trained to furnish your house with furniture to optimize space and highlight important home features, making the best first impression from the eyes of potential buyers. It is very difficult for homeowners to look at their own house objectively, as staging involves taking one’s personality out of the house, so the decor becomes neutral and more appealing to a broader range of home buyers.

Staging by Self - Myth

Myth: It’s better to try selling first, staging if it doesn’t sell after a few months.

Truth: You can’t raise the price after listing. Once your home is listed on the market, if the condition and the look/feel of the home doesn’t vibe well with the market you will eventually have to lower the price. If you stage after your house is already on the market, you have to list it for maximum the original listing price, but most likely you will still need to lower the price as you already made your mark on the market, and buyers are not going to look at your old listing even with a refresh, unless there is a price drop.

Selling First and Staging Later- Myth
Selling First Staging Later - Myth
Selling and Then Staging- Myth
Selling First Staging After Few Months - Myth
Sell Now Stage Later - Myth
Selling First, Staging Second - Myth