Sell Home Faster with Staging

Sell Home Faster by Staging with Neutral Palette

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Most modern day interior designers and stagers use whites, beiges and other neutrals in their designs. Why? Neutral colours allows textures, lines and the structure of the the room to become the main focus of the buyer. For example, white, grey or oat colour walls (which are very popular right now) allow a room to seem larger. Neutral, colours work with any style; modern, classic, traditional, eclectic, or rustic.

Neutral will always be classic, they are the best canvass to reflect the personality of any potential buyer, where they can see themselves in the space. It will also allow the buyer to view the space for the future, because the style will not appear aged.

Sell Home Faster with Staging

A nursery with a neutral palette. A mix of white and dark wood blends together without looking dark or clashing. This combination works for any style of decor, and can be customized with throw pillows and blankets.

Sell Home by Staging the Listing with Neutral Palette
Sell Your Home - Listing on Neutral Palette

Staging done by Del Grande Home Staging in a Neutral style.

Staging – Sell Home
Staging - Help Home Sell Faster