Reasons Relator Should Hire Stager

4 Reasons Why Every Realtor Should Hire a Stager

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When selling a house there is a difference between staging your home for sale and decorating. It’s no longer about the personal aesthetic of the seller, it’s about appealing to potential buyers. That’s why it’s crucial to get the house staged professionally before placing it on the market. A stager knows what’s important to buyers, they are trained to know how to arrange furniture to bring the home up to its full potential. Here are 4 areas in which staging will be to your benefit.

1. It Will Helps Your Place Sell Fast

Staged houses spend an average of 73% less time on the market. Having a house sit on the market for a long time is never the goal. The longer a property is on sale, the lower it is likely to sell for under original asking.  Hiring a stager will help your house appeal to the right buyer quicker, and avoid long listing times.

Home Stager - Sell Place Fast

2. It Gives You an Edge in a competitive market

Real estate is a highly competitive market, and many buyers decide whether they like the home or not in the first few minutes after entering a home. Realtors should do as much as they can to make their clients’ homes stand out. A home stager can provide that edge, as they will know exactly how to present your place to make it as appealing as possible for potential buyers.

Considering Stager - Edge in Competitive Market

3. Return on Investment

Save yourself the stress and money by hiring a professional home stager before listing. Staging has a return of 315% on the investment, also 45% of buyers agree that a staged home will get a higher offer of 1- 6%.

Hire Stager - ROI

4. A staged home looks better on camera

Having a well-staged home is crucial if you want it to look appealing in photographs. Most home buyers are browsing listings online prior to viewing a home in person, the layout and proportions of the room in relation to furniture, colour and lighting can really make your home worth a in person viewing.

Staged Home - Superior on Camera